Sir Guy Masterleigh

I fill many roles to various people: but I’m consistently the same personality in each, and I’ve been much the same for the 25 years I’ve been a scene organiser.

I’m a leader not a follower, a chairman not an autocrat, a general but not a dictator, someone who brings folk together, rather than someone who divides them.

I’m ex Chairman of the Governors, Bursar, Head Boy and milk monitor of Miss Prim’s Muir Academy, for naughty adult boys, girls and special girls, founded 1987: that role ended 2011 when Miss Prim and I parted as friends, and her school continues to exist.

I founded The Other Pony Club in 1993, and have been Head Groom, trainer, pony-owner, organiser of many (generally loss-making but fun) events, volunteering to run scores of workshops, demonstrations, etc. at Fetish Fairs and scene conferences across Europe and the UK, and sideshows at bigger events ever since.

I’m Mayor (not ‘Lord of the Manor’, King or Emperor!) of Tawsingham: a sometime community where you can be whatever you want to be in terms of gender, social standing, even species; provided you can take the consequences!

I have brought it to life from time to time, and hope someday to create a permanent home for it; but in the meantime I will revive it when and where I am able.

I’m now in West London, looking for non-live-in folk to enjoy life with, in any way to suit us both/all. I live with an old friend, a lady I’ve known for more than 20 years, who calls me Master and means it.

I’m trying to avoid control freaks, those whose jihad is to divide not unite, martyrs, fascists, sociopaths, drama queens, braggarts, shit-stirrers, anybody else who tries to interfere or mess with my health, wealth, public reputation, property or karmna.

I don’t want to own you, lock, stock and barrel; that would probably be a shocking waste of your wonderful potential. Rather I’d love to get to know you and help that potential blossom, even if that means you tucking yourself under my wing!

If you like my style, please get in touch; I’m looking for help across the spectrum: would-be human ponies, -puppies, -piggies, happy slaves, non-servile servants, easy-going friends, collaborators, associates, grooms, kennel(wo)men, pig (wo)men, trainers, housemaids, office-girls, authors, sub-editors, illustrators, and many more roles to enjoy in our loosely-knit, happy network of friends, servants, slaves and livestock.


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