Introducing the latest Version of Tawsingham;

The core concept is:

be whatever you want to be, so long as you can take the consequences!

The basic concepts and ideas have been around with me since 1989, but it has evolved over time, (and will evolve further), so here’s a snapshot of the latest outline.

If you seek just a quick and easy fuck or suck, swinging, sensation play, rope-work, or if you think the scene is only about clubs and munches, please move along; this concept take things a lot further and deeper than that!

(Good things like sex and kink may happen too and probably will; but you can get them all more quickly or easily elsewhere!)

It involves a community of several households, each of which may have 2-20 people, so people can proudly do publicly, over days or eventually weeks or months, what otherwise can only be done in privacy at home or within the brief span of the few hours’ existence of a scene club.

There are a lot of words following, to flesh out the core concepts, but the overall vision is simple, clear and coherent; read the words to understand it fully, please, don’t let them further confuse you.

Some grasp the concepts immediately, see the whole pattern. If you’re one, come in and play!

Others find the ideas incompatible with their own implicit assumptions, etc.